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Is my A/C system robbing me blind??

It probably is and your system doesn’t need to be a decade old to do it. The majority of heating and cooling systems waste a tremendous amount of electricity trying to full their purpose, make you comfortable. Let’s focus on the air conditioning.

While it is true that heat pumps are more efficient that forced air gas heaters they are not more efficient than air conditioners. They are air conditioners that move forward and reverse and are therefore the exact same efficiency as air conditioning. In our area of the United States, Southern California, the gas rates are low and the electricity rates are high. This makes the heat pump much more expensive to operate even though it is more efficient.

iced up heat pump

Let’s go over the reasons why your air conditioning is probably wasting your hard earned money while not putting out the comfort that you wish.
1. Most systems are oversized by a ½ a ton or more. This causes operational problems, noise problems, temperature swings and high electric bills.

2. Most systems are not maintained each year. This allows dirt buildup on the coils and filters and causes a reduction in efficiency, high Freon temperatures and higher amperage draws. This increases the amount of electricity used and decreases the amount of cold air circulating through the home. Ironically, the air will be colder when the filter is dirty, but the volume will be so much less that the home may not even cool at all.

Lack of maintenance air conditioner

3. Most systems are overcharged with Freon. If a little Freon is good a lot should be better, right? Wrong! More Freon is just as bad as too little and the vast majority of service technicians do not know how to charge Freon properly. Over the last 20 years I have interviewed more than 500 service technicians that were working the field for other companies. Out of those 500 only 4 of them could actually describe the proper field techniques for charging Freon. Overcharging decrease the ability of the Freon to carry heat and therefore decreases it’s efficiency and your system’s ability to cool your home.

4. Most systems have leaky ductwork. Study after study has shown than 35 to 45% of every wasted btu a system loses comes from leaky, poorly installed and poorly maintained ducting and yet most service technician never even look in an attic at the ducting.

crushed air ducts

5. Most supply ducting is horribly undersized for the air conditioning system and the Uniform Mechanical Code is at fault for this one. Code states that the required ducting size for heating and air conditioning systems is 2 square inches per 1,000 btu’s of input on the heater. Nowhere does it state the size for air conditioning. Air conditioning and heat pumps require 6 squares inches of free space per 1000 btu’s of output in the supply and return air ducting. A typical 100,000 furnace needs 200 square inches of free air space in the ducting (100 x 2 = 200). A 16 inch flexible provides 200 squares inches of free air (8 x 8 x 3.14 = 200.96). A 100,000 btu heating furnace typically is used to push 5 Tons of air conditioning. A 5 Ton air conditioner is 60,000 btu’s (a true 5 ton, some manufacturers undersize their systems still charging you for the full btu’s of course) and 60 x 6 equals 360 needed square inches of free air space. Follow the book and you get ducting that is grossly undersized for the air conditioning (only 56% of the correct size). This leads to very cold air, unbalanced air, poor cooling and high electrical bills.

Dangerous condenser fan motor installation

Can there be any doubt that this installation is dangerous? What were they thinking?


If you want your air conditioning repairs done properly give us a call. The pictures that you have been looking at of poor and dangerous A/C installations are from our competition.

We can help. Give us a call at 1.877.247.6426

How can I get a free estimate to replace my A/C system?

If you want a free estimate to replace your air conditioning system, upgrade your air conditioning system or install a new air conditioning simply give us a call and we’ll help you out. We will need to see your home or business to perform an onsite evaluation as there are way too options to go over on the phone and we will need to measure clearances to make sure that everything will fit.

Just because your old air conditioner fit doesn’t mean the new one will, but don’t worry, there is always a solution that we can come up with.

Old Furnace install

If your furnace is this old, you should have replaced it several decades ago.

The picture to the left with all the leaves around the condensing unit is a situation that is just asking for failure. Once the air conditioner turns on, the leaves will restrict airflow to the cooling coils. This lack of airflow will cause the Freon pressures and temperatures to skyrocket. This reduces efficiency and btu output as well as shortening the life of the compressor and sends electric bills through the roof. Proper maintenance, at least yearly, is a requirement of all air conditioning manufacturers. In this picture if the compressor did fail under the warranty period the manufacturer would deny reimbursement due to negligence on the part of the homeowner.

Venting repair and ducting repair

This picture shows and improper repair to the ducting. The ducting is falling off so more duct tape is added. Duct tape is not designed to hold ducts on. Sounds weird I know, but a proper repair would be to remove all the tape and secure the ducting with duct straps (panduit straps or giant zip ties) and mastic (latex lagging adhesive) and them re tape with code rated UL181B duct tape. The vent pipe is also not attached properly. When these vent pipes are attached properly they will not accidentally come apart as they lock together. This homeowner paid for a job done poorly the first time and has been paying higher heating bills ever since air air was leaking into the attic. The service technician probably didn't even know they were ripping off their client.

Air conditioning electrical disconnect box with a bad connection

Nearly every electrical fire that we see in heating and air conditioning is a direct result from bad or loose electrical connections. Sometimes the connections starts fires as is shown in the picture above and sometimes the fires just burn back wiring.

Air conditioning electrical fire

We can help. Give us a call at 1.877.247.6426

Spilt system ductless air conditioner

No permit means no work properly. This is a horrible installation of a split system ductless air conditioner. The condensation runs into a bucket and the heat is dispelled into a utility closet. Of course it doesn't work properly.

I think I was overcharged. Was I ripped off?

If you think you were overcharged then you probably were not fully explained the scope of the work that was performed and the technician probably didn’t do a very good job of writing up the scope of the work that he or she was performing.

All reputable air conditioning companies, like The Empire Family of Services, have a flat rate price book and the service technicians must charge according to those prices. There is some wiggle room in those prices and that wiggle room is up to the technician at the time of service. It helps to make up for variations in the scope of work from one job to another.

If you’re A/C provider didn’t look in a book to come up with the price for the work about to be performed then chances are they were just making it up as they went along and the prices may have been reflecting the neighborhood you are living in or the car parked in the driveway. That will never happen here at The Empire Family of Services. Everyone invests the same amount in the same repair without regard to who lives next door or the zip code of your mailing address.

We do, from time to time, get price complaints and nearly every time the problem has been a communication issue. The complaint usually starts from a family member or neighbor that has never even bothered to read the agreement and scope of what was performed. The vast majority of the repair calls that we perform each day are considerably less than $100.

You can protect yourself. Most rip off service trips are not intentional, but do to a lack of proper service education on the part of the service technician. Here they are:

1. Not making the proper repair. If the proper repair isn’t performed the first time then you will most likely need to pay for it to be repaired again or pay for additional damages once the defective part affects the rest of the system. Low on Freon is the number one issue. Your system uses Freon as a lubricant and as a cooling mechanism. If your system is low on Freon that means that you have a leak and it should be found. Every time your system needs Freon added you have the chance of adding contaminates to the Freon. Every time your system is low on Freon the compressor has a chance to suffer premature damage as the Freon is what keeps the compressor cool much in the same way that water in your car’s radiator keeps your car engine cool. Run you’re a/c low on Freon enough times and you’ll burn up the compressor.

2. Not making the proper replacement. Whenever you are replacing the outside condenser unit you must replace the evaporator coil with a matching unit. Your old evaporator coil does not have the proper surface area and most likely does not have the proper metering device to exact the most amount of Freon for your cooling dollar. Sure you get the a/c replaced cheaply, but your utility overpayment start to eat up that savings the first time you turn the thermostat lower. The a/c system must be run longer to achieve the same amount of cooling if it will cool at all.

3. Making incomplete service calls. Every single time that your system is serviced the ducting should be checked if at all possible. This is because there is an industry wide problem with defective duct tape, defective vapor barriers and an older defective method of attaching the ducting. The systems that were installed with this products and methods are falling apart and homeowner after homeowner is literally paying money to cool their attics down.

4. Not giving you the options and education that you need to make an informed and accurate choice. Many companies, most, never even offer higher efficiency systems. Most service technicians deliberately try to give you the lowest price possible for the initial installation and never take into account that the higher the efficiency the system the cheaper the systems are over the long run. Higher efficiency systems have better warranties, are installed by better trained service technicians and cost less to operate month by month. It is your choice, not the service technician’s, to opt in or opt out for better equipment at the time of installation.

5. Flat out lying to you and charging for work not being performed. This does happen and you can protect yourself from it. These companies generally do not stay in business very long. Pick Red, USA Services received a record $3,000,000 fine from the Contractors State License Board in California, 2009, for doing this. To protect yourself do not pay in advance for the work. The most a contractor can charge for a deposit is 10% of the job up to $1,000. Do not let the payments for the work being performed exceed the amount of work that is actually performed. Check out your contractor with the California State Contractors License Board at http://www.cslb.ca.gov/.

These things really do happen, so be proactive. Here in Southern California there is currently a heating and air conditioning company that typically advertises in the Orange County Register and the Los Angeles Times that was the subject of an arrest for operating illegally, no license, in 2008. They were shut down only to reopen 2 months later under someone else’s license. That other person was listed as the managing officer even though that person had nothing to do with company management. As of 9/16/2009 that company was listed as having no license with company shutdown by force by 12/16/2009 if they don’t replace the license holder. This company is well known for fraud and the latest fraud that they are perpetrating on homeowners is falsifying serial numbers and model numbers to have systems that do not qualify for the Federal Tax Incentive actually qualify for them. The homeowners are being lied to about the efficiency of the systems that they are purchasing. I cannot disclose the name because of litigation.

We can help. Give us a call at 1.877.247.6426


I want a high efficiency system. What is two stage cooling?

Two-stage cooling is an advanced system design that allows the system to work according to the heat load in your home. On milder days during the year your air conditioning system doesn’t need to run full blast and increase your electric bill. If you only need about ½ of your cooling, you’ll need to use about ½ of the electricity. That is the savings part of 2 stages cooling, but I don’t want you to invest in a 2 stage cooling system for reason because two stage cooling is really about comfort.

The lower first stage cooling enables the compressor and air handler to run longer intervals stopping the constant on and off cycling of your air conditioning on those less than hot days. This means that your system will last longer as most of the wear and tear on your system is caused during start up. This also allows the system to remove more moisture from the air getting rid of that muggy feeling. Getting rid of the moisture will allow you to turn up the thermostat allowing you to feel more comfortable with a warmer temperature. Once again, this increases your savings, but even more so, increases your comfort level. What about noise? The lower fan speeds and lower compressor speeds enables your new 2 stage home comfort system to be even quieter, whisper quiet. Again, your comfort level goes up and your aggravation level goes down.

On the hottest of days you shouldn’t worry either. The 2 stage system will kick in and kick the heat out of your home with all the aggressiveness it needs. You get the best of all, low electric bills, low moisture content air, quiet operation and maximum comfort.

Would you ever even think of driving a car with only 1 forward speed or without a gas pedal? It’s time, the technology is here, it has stood the time of time and now it’s your time. Invest in a new 2 stage home comfort system with us, The Empire Family of Services.

How do I calculate my projected energy savings when I choose a new air conditioning system?

SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. The higher the number, the more efficient the machine is. The SEER rating is often found on the yellow sticker attached to newly installed condensers.

The federal standards changes in January 2006 and the minimum SEER that can be manufactured is a 13 SEER. There are now machines whose efficiencies can reach up to 20+ SEER making the use of air conditioning much more affordable. There is a considerable amount of mislabeling going on by the manufacturers so be careful. If a unit is labeled “High Efficiency” don’t take it for granted. That is not an industry term that is defined. High efficiency labeling really means absolutely nothing. 13 and 14 SEER machines are average, minimum SEER and only a single step above minimum SEER yet many manufactures label them with the High Efficiency tag. Make sure that you find out the SEER of the HVAC machine that your contractor will be installing for your home. Using a lower SEER can cost you a lot of money during those hot summer months.

The SEER rating is the Btu of cooling output during a typical cooling season day divided by the total amount of energy consumed in watts. 
SEER = BTU ÷ Watts
For example, a 60000 Btu air conditioning unit (5 Ton), with a SEER of 6, operating for a total of 1200 hours during an annual cooling season (Southern California average) would provide an annual total cooling output of:
60000 Btu × 1200 = 72,000,000 Btu of cooling on average during the year

With a SEER of 6, the annual electrical energy usage in watts would be about:

72,000,000 Btu ÷ 6 = 12,000,000 Watts (this is watts used for the entire year)

If the electrical charge per watt is 14 cents (it can go as high as 27 cents currently) the bill for the air conditioning is $1680 for the year. This does not include the indoor fan motor as that must be added into the equation to figure the true total amount.

Since most system that we replace are a little more than 10 years old and, after dirt, grime, wear and tear set in the are about 6 SEER that is what people are paying.
Just what can you save by replacing your system? Using the same figures above we can calculate out a predicted savings in electrical use using this formula:

6 ÷ New Seer × 1680 = predicted new bill
13 SEER = $775 for a yearly savings of $905
14 SEER = $720 for a yearly savings of $960
15 SEER = $672 for a yearly savings of $1008
18 SEER = $560 for a yearly savings of $1120
20 SEER = $504 for a yearly savings of $1176


So what does this really mean? If you currently changed out your old 6 SEER system and replaced it with a new 20 SEER Ultimate system over the next 10 years of usage you would save about $11,760 in utility bills on just the outdoor unit. This is without the scheduled increases in electric rates. There are several already approved and the electric company asks for increases nearly every year and sometimes more than once a year. There is more…

What about repairs? Would it be safe to say that you will pay on average at least $200 a year in repairs for your existing system? Some years it would be nothing and other years it could be substantial. As these units get older they do tend to break down more often. Your savings comes in here because every system that we install comes with a free 10 years parts and labor guarantee that states just so long as we are allowed to maintain your unit each year we will not let you pay a single penny in repairs. This guarantee is in writing on the agreement. Doesn’t that mean that you will save another $200 a year in repairs for the next 10 years? Doesn’t that add another $2,000 in savings? That is now $13,760 in savings.

What about your rebates? There is a $1,500 tax incentive and a $200 gas company rebate currently active. Add those to the savings and the savings amount jumps up to $15,460 for this ultimate system.

What about your gas savings on the new furnace?These Ultimate system require a special furnace. Did you know that if you are currently running a standing pilot furnace it could be as low as 60% AFUE. AFUE stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency. AFUE is directed compared to money. A furnace that is said to have 60% AFUE means that for every one hundred dollars of gas burned by that furnace that forty dollars of it is wasted up the flue. How do you feel about walking over to your thermostat and turning the dial up to forty dollars wasted through your chimney? You are only going to save a couple of hundred dollars a year in gas usage with a high efficiency furnace, but we need to add this in to the equation to find out the true cost of the system.$200 a year at 10 years usages is another $2,000 in savings.

So, just what are you waiting for? Replacing that old, worn out dangerous hunk of and air conditioning and heating system now will net you at least $17,460 over the next 10 years. I just don’t know to put this any more clear. If your system is more than 10 years old you should replace it whether or not it’s broken, whether or not it’s running and whether or not it does a good. You need to replace it because your utility overpayments are going to pay for your new system.

It isn’t going to cost you hardly anything. Call now 1-877-247-6426. Stop procrastinating, act now.

Some of the Cities that we work in are: Aliso Viejo, Anaheim, Brea, Buena Park, Costa Mesa, Cypress, Dana Point, Fountain Valley, Fullerton, Garden Grove, Huntington Beach, Irvine, La Habra, La Palma, Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Woods, Lake Forest, Los Alamitos, Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, Orange, Placentia, Rancho Santa Margarita, San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, Santa Ana, Seal Beach, Stanton, Tustin, Villa Park, Westminster, Yorba Linda, Sunset Beach, Bell Gardens, Bellflower, Carson, Cerritos, Commerce, Diamond Bar, Downey, Gardena, Hawaiian Gardens, Industry, La Habra Heights, Lakewood, La Mirada, Long Beach, Lynwood, Montebello, Norwalk, Palos Verdes, Paramount, Pico Rivera, Rancho Palos Verdes, Santa Fe Springs, Signal Hill, South Gate, Whittier




Your making the right decision. You cannot possibly make a mistake having us help you. Call now and book your free evaluation.


...more people choose us as their heating and air conditioning partner because of our excellent service before and after the sale. Most repairs and installations come with a free guarantee up to 10 years parts and labor. Save money, call now 1.877.247.6426

Air Conditioning Maintenance pays for itself....

Every technician tells me that the brand they are installing is the best. Which brand is the best?

Since 1980’s there has been one company that has consistently scored the highest in overall satisfaction having the least number of repairs. As far as I am concerned a home comfort system that breaks down is no comfort at all. That company is American Standard and independent results from many national publications prove it year after year.

I have been installing this same brand since about 1988 and have enjoyed the quality service after the sale that both the local supplier and the parent corporation has provided. Parts are stocked locally and when a system does experience a challenge, we can, nearly in every single instance, have the replacement part the same or next day.

All air conditioners and made by people and installed by people. They are made of thousands of intricate mechanical parts. Occasionally one will break down and the parts had better be available right now. Compare this to the other top brands and the mini split duct less. Days and weeks go by waiting for parts. Most parts for some of the other suppliers are stocked back East, in Europe and in Japan. We have even purchased portable air conditioners for our clientele that have been unfortunate to have some of these other units, installed by other companies, so that we can allow them to be comfortable while they are waiting for the manufacturer to make up their minds as to whether or not the part is under warranty.Amana Air Conditioning

Brand matters, some corrode and breakdown faster than others, but installation matters more. If you want the highest quality equipment, the highest quality installation and the highest quality service after the sale you first must realize that the lowest cost initial installation will not be any of the above and the second thing you must realize is that you must have the installation inspected by the city. The city inspector works for you, not the homeowner, and they will make sure that the installation, at least on the surface, is installed properly.

If a contractor tells you don’t need a permit or asks you to pull the permit you should be very wary. Kick that fly by night to curb and give us a call. We will install your new home heating and cooling system right.

What happens if a I don't get a permit for my air conditioning installation?

Failure to have your new heating and cooling inspected means that you most likely got ripped off by your contractor or the person pretending to be a contractor. Your warranties and guarantees from the manufacturer are in jeopardy.
Why would the manufacturer’s warranty be in jeopardy? Because the vast majority of problems that happen in an air conditioning system happen because of poor installation techniques and lack of maintenance that result in poor airflow. Poor airflow causes heat exchanger overheating and liquid flood back to the compressor. Liquid flood back is the term used when the evaporator coil (inside the home this coil is usually on top of the furnace) fails to allow the Freon to evaporate from a liquid to a gas. This liquid Freon then goes back to the compressor to be recompressed, but you cannot compress a liquid. This causes broken crankshafts, broken valves and warped scroll heads in the compressors. The compressor dies. This is not a manufacturing defect and is therefore not covered under warranty. The bargain company that was hired could cost you twice as much as you think.New air conditioner install

Only the wealthiest of homeowners can afford the cheapest of systems. This is because the monthly utility overpayments cost more money every month and when the system breaks down repeatedly they can afford to purchase a new system again. The systems to the right have a limited life span because they lack the proper clearance to cool the Freon down.

What else can happen? We have been seeing this in substantially greater numbers since 2007. The law changed in regards to home selling. The real estate agent must disclose whether or not changes to the home have been permitted. This has been stopping the sell of homes on a consistent basis and this is first time in my career when this has been a real problem. The homeowners then scramble to try and get everything past through the city.

Can they get them past the city? Not always. Codes have changed and if you changed out your air conditioning 5 to 10 years ago it will not meet today’s emission requirements, probably won’t meet today’s duct leakage requirements and probably won’t meet today’s fuel efficiency requirements. The codes have gone through a lot of changes. Starting January 1, 2010 Freon R22 will no longer be allowed in new air conditioning systems manufactured. Some homeowners end up spending thousands of dollars to get old systems up to new code requirements.Dryer duct used for air ducting The picture is dryer corrugated hose being used for airflow to a bedroom. Not only is is way too small, but it isn't attached properly and it isn't insulated.

The city won’t care how much it costs you and they won’t care how many times your inspection fails. Over the past few years many cities have laid off inspectors and employees in their building departments. The more times that you have to use the city to get your home to pass inspection, the more times an inspector has to come to your home, the more fees and fines that you have to pay, the more job security the city workers have. Give us a call. We are experts and have a working relationship with every city we work in. We know what works and what doesn’t.

What other problems can occur if I don’t get a permit for my air conditioning installation? When you don’t get a permit or you get a permit as an owner builder and hired someone, contractor or not, to perform work on your home you open yourself up to a myriad of problems, the same problems that employers have. You in effect become the employer and can be held responsible for withholding taxes, workers compensation insurance and working condition problems. If the contractor does not have workers compensation insurance and they get injured (This does happen and the insurance is currently $23 per every hundred dollars of payroll. That means that if you pay an employee $1000 for the week, as an employer, you must also pay $230 insurance to cover on the job injuries). If you don’t have the insurance and someone gets injured you are responsible for that injury even if they are a contractor if they don’t have insurance. It doesn’t seem fair does it?

Drain Cleaner

What size air conditioner do I need to my home?

The size of air conditioner is determined by the heat load of the home. This takes in account insulation levels, windows, overhangs, the direction the home, the size of the home and many other heat loss and heat gain items.Smashed coils in an A/C unit

A home is not sized by the square footage of the home. 500 square feet per Ton may cool your home or it may not. Most of time this is over sizing the air conditioning system by a considerable amount and leads to high moisture content and cold air. During the summertime you effectively refrigerate your humidity. Sure the air is cool, but you will still be uncomfortable.

Give us a call and we will size your home according to the proper Manual J load calculation requirements, not Bubba’s Curb side sizing guide.

Proper sizing cannot fix damages as seen in this picture. The coils are smashed preventing proper airflow across the cooling fins. This unit cannot be repaired and must be replaced.


Why isn't my air conditioner cooling? My air system is brand new and it doesn't cool like the old one did?

Your installation has a problem. Some of the problems could be:Poor wleding causes problems and Freon leaks
1. The ducting could be too small, broken or crushed.
2. The air conditioner is not charged with Freon correctly. Most are not.
3. The evaporator coil could be incorrect for the condenser (outside unit). Old evaporator coils will not work properly with the new systems.
4. The airflow could be compromised due to filter air restriction. Some of those filters you can buy are very detrimental to the operation of your system.
5. The Freon lines to the outside unit could be kinked, plugged or otherwise restricted as in the picture.

Most systems in homes are split systems. They have a separate furnace, evaporator coil, duct system and outdoor air conditioning unit known as a condenser. These systems all work in conjunction with each other. In other words, they are married and if one spouse in this relationship is not performing up to par, they all suffer. Replacing only a component of the system instead of all of the system cannot be done, but rarely does this give the performance that is required for maximum energy savings and maximum comfort.

Give us a call before you have your new home heating and cooling system installed. We can let you know what size of air conditioner you need, what type of air conditioner you need, what kind of ducting you need and what challenges your own home is facing.


When should I replace my air conditioner? How long do air conditioners last?

The typical air conditioning system here in Southern California has an effective life span of 12 to 15 years. An effective life span is one where the unit is performing adequately without regular consistent expensive breakdowns.Air conditioning fire
If you have anything of any significance breakdown during or after year 10, you should most likely replace your unit. When one items breaks down, like a fan motor in the air conditioner, if affects everything else and can cause damage to those other components hastening their breakdown and adding expenses to your monthly budget.

The picture shows an older air conditioner that caught fire. Now it must be replaced.

A fan motor breakdown means that your compressor must work much harder as the Freon temperatures skyrocket and the pressures exceed the working capacity of the compressor. Soon, minutes, the compressor electrical draw exceeds the maximum amount and the compressor starts to overheat. This overheating breaks down the oil in the compressor, breaks down the Freon and can end up burning the contactor, blowing fuses, tripping circuit breakers, burning wires and short circuiting capacitors.

10 plus years means you should consider replacement in most circumstances.

Tune Up Your Furnace


Some of the brands that work on are: Carrier, Day & Night, Payne, Bryant, American Standard, Trane, Ameristar, York, Coleman, Armstrong, Rheem, RUUD, WeatherKing, Goodman, Janitrol, Amana, Comfortmaker, Heil, Kenmore, Sears, Tempstar, Lennox, Fedders, Ducane, Consolidated Industries, Premier, Intertherm, Bard, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Nordyne, Noritz, Takagi, Bradford & White, Rinnai, Compressor, Zinsco, Federal Pacific, Square D, Bryant, Crouse Hinds, Stablock, Sylvania, Lithonia, Scneider Electric, Cutler Hammer, Eaton, Nutone, Dayton, Murray, Phillips, General Electric, ISE, Insinkerator, Kohler, Crane, Toto, Mansfield, Wilkins, Watts, Moen, Price Pfister, Delta Faucets, Jacuzzi, Adams, Raypack, Teledyne Laars, Sharp, Atlantis Energy, British Petroleum, Evergreen, GE, Genesis, ICP, Kaneka, Kyocera, Power Up, Sanyo, Schott, Siemens, Solar World, SunWize, Uni-Solar & more.


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